Falling in love with Florence

A deluge of people gather by a wall lining one of Florence’s many meandering alleys, sipping petite glasses of red wine and chatting animatedly in between bites of their paninos. No restaurant or café in sight, it was an intriguing scene. The beginnings of a strange food-based flash mob? Or the revelation of one of the very many reasons why Florence is foodie HEAVEN?

I’m pleased to say it was the latter. Cutting through the crowd, we discovered the source. In a hole in the wall barely a few feet deep, two vendors redefined the notion of ‘fast food’, freshly but frantically making paninos from a lengthy menu in a matter of seconds. Behind them towered a bookcase filled with Tuscan classics such as Chianti Classico, and Brunello di Montalcino. Size clearly does not matter a jot in Florence, with this tiny eatery boasting a wine and food menu that rivals 99.9999% of the options you would find in Britain.

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