A ‘Tour de Food’ in the Yorkshire Dales


Last month, I came across Maptia for the first time. What. A. Find. A treasure trove of travel stories, it’s a website that offers a new, and very beautiful, way of telling stories about places. I’ve since become rather obsessed, and I’m absolutely delighted to have bagged myself an invite to become one of the site’s founding storytellers.


My first Maptia story is about a journey through the Yorkshire Dales. Inspired by the Tour de France fever that’s swept through Yorkshire since it was chosen to host the race’s ‘Grand Départ’, I spent a day exploring Stage One of the route this Spring. Mine wasn’t a cycling pilgrimage, though. I didn’t even take a bike. My visit was motivated by something else that makes the Dales special. Its food. Visiting Bedale, Hawes, Masham and Jervaulx; I discovered amazing communities preserving centuries-old traditions such as cheesemaking, brewing and breadmaking. And I was only there for a day.

I’ve included a few photo highlights below, but you can read the full story over on Maptia. I hope you enjoy.

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