In search of the ultimate Veggie Burger

Sometimes, you just need a burger. You know which times I mean. You’re tired, starving or maybe you’re feeling the effects of a few too many drinks the night before. It’s a nasty combination of symptoms that only a burger will sort out.

But it can’t be any old burger. It needs to be the QUEEN of burgers, scoring full marks in the four key areas – bun, garnish, chips and of course, the burger itself. The first three elements need to set the stage for the burger, which means a freshly made bun, a crisp, complementary garnish and homemade chips so good that you’ll want to dedicate your favourite love song to them. With the stage set, the burger can then shine in all its glory. It needs to be handcrafted, zinging with flavour and so big that you need to open your mouth REALLY wide to devour it. These are MY requirements for the ultimate burger.

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