Sticky Walnut

Some meals were made to be shared. They’re the meals that are so damn good, they’re instantly elevated to pedestal status in your dining out memories, the meals after which you find yourself uncontrollably extolling their virtues to anyone who’ll listen. The meals where you feel compelled to ask for a menu so that you can take it home and frame it… (Or is that just me?)

A small restaurant just outside Chester with a big reputation, Sticky Walnut was DEFINITELY one of those meals. A long-awaited visit owing to years of hype from one of my best friends and her family (and most trusted connoisseurs of fine food, no less), my expectations were very high. As our taxi pulled up outside the restaurant, I was instantly charmed. For a restaurant so steeped in hype and admiration, the Sticky Walnut is surprisingly low key. Occupying an unassuming yet inviting spot amongst a row of terraces in the village of Hoole, it’s perfected laid-back chic to a tee, without a hint of white linen in sight. Cute and cosy, it’s more akin to dining at a friend’s house than a fancy restaurant. A very nice house at that, mind.

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