Vote for my Spanakopita Cupcakes in the #destinologyreimagine competition

Dearest readers, I need YOUR help! If you read my last post, you’ll know that I entered my Spanakopita Cupcakes recipe into Destinology’s ‘Reimagine a Classic’ competition. I found out yesterday that my recipe made the final shortlist of five, putting me in the running to win a luxury mini break to Europe! The person with the most votes wins, so I would LOVE it if you you could spare one minute to vote for me! Need a bribe? There’s a Spanakopita Cupcake or three with your name on it if I win.

You can cast your vote at the link below – just scroll to the bottom and choose ‘Where’s Lisa? Spanakopita cupcakes’. The deadline is 13 February. Big thanks in advance 🙂 x 


Destinology reimagine competition entry


Introducing The Tetley

A few years ago, I completed my ‘city centre living rites of passage’ at a flat in Whitehall Waterfront. The perfect antidote to the usual concrete claustrophobia of city centre life, our flat overlooked the Leeds waterfront, at a gorgeous leafy section of the River Aire inhabited by ducks, swans and even the odd heron. I loved living there. It was just a ten minute walk into town, we had an amazing balcony from which to watch the river float by, and most interesting of all, there was an art gallery on the ground floor.

That gallery was called Project Space Leeds (PSL) and it was fantastic. An artist-led space dedicated to emerging contemporary artists, I visited it regularly, fuelled by the curiosity that would inevitably rise as I watched exhibitions changeover from my balcony. The programming was daring, innovative and always thought-provoking; and whether I left feeling confused, amazed, inspired or moved, one thing was certain – I always felt something after a visit to PSL. And although the nature of contemporary art meant that many exhibitions were challenging, PSL never felt pretentious, or elitist, and I Ioved it for this.

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Roots to Shoots – The Greedy Pig does Vegetarian

This post originally appeared on the Culture Vulture blog

“A food-loving vegetarian? That’s an oxymoron, surely?” “You’re missing out on the best part of any meal!” “Where do you get the flavour from?” “WHAT’S WRONG with you?!”

Oh, the joys of being a vegetarian. New acquaintances eye us with suspicion, their faces contorting with confusion when we mention that dreaded ‘v’ word. Many restaurants just don’t get us at all, thinking it’s ok to only provide one solitary vegetarian option, usually the clichéd ‘spinach and ricotta lasagne’, or something equally unimaginative. Even our best friends think we’re ‘weird’, assuming that although it’s been 15 years, we’re bound to grow out of this ‘phase’ any day now.

But there’s so much more to fine food than meat, and over the past few years it’s become increasingly clear that Leeds gets this. It recognises that ‘food lover’ and ‘vegetarian’ aren’t mutually exclusive terms, that vegetarianism is not going away and that, shock horror, vegetarian food can actually be pretty damn good. As a result, more and more Leeds food purveyors are excelling in providing vegetarian experiences that not only equal, but rival their meaty counterparts, even those purveyors that you’d traditionally associate with more meaty affairs.

Purveyors like The Greedy Pig.

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