Cheese indulgence at Homage2Fromage and The Courtyard Dairy

Destination: Settle Shop review 
Brie de Meaux. 
Comté. Tarentais.


To me, the language of cheese is like poetry. Beautiful, stirring poetry, constructed from an anthology of intensely evocative words that curl around the tongue and summon powerful gastronomic desires, desires that beg to be satisfied immediately.

Yes, I may harbour a rather far-fetched love and adulation of cheese, but I’m definitely not alone. Cheese captures the culinary imaginations of millions, who, like me, are enamoured by the seemingly endless varieties it can conjure.

A deep love of cheese is not an unusual characteristic to possess, but Leeds has taken its collective obsession one step further. Since 2011, a group of cheese-crazed folk have gathered at the top of the Adelphi pub each month for a sacred cheese gathering, flooding my twitter timeline with lust-inducing pictures in the process. The concept is simple: a bounty of REALLY GOOD cheese, a different theme each month and a bit of cheese education thrown in too. Why wasn’t I there!?! Where do I sign up!?


Picture credit: Homage2Fromage

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